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MasterCard Scholarship 2024 at Arizona State University

MasterCard Scholarship 2024 at Arizona State University. Are you an aspiring African professional eager to pursue advanced studies in the United States? Look no further than the MasterCard Scholarship at Arizona State University (ASU). This prestigious scholarship offers fully funded opportunities for graduate students, covering all expenses from tuition to living expenses. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of this remarkable scholarship program, including eligibility requirements, benefits, available courses, and the application process.

MasterCard Scholarship at Arizona State University: A Brief Overview

The MasterCard Scholarship at ASU is a transformative opportunity for young African professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in various fields through a 2-year Master’s program. This on-campus program focuses on training EdTech experts and preparing scholars to make significant contributions to education in Africa. As part of the program, scholars have the unique opportunity to work with the Baobab team, gaining hands-on experience in implementing innovative educational strategies.

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Eligibility Requirements for the MasterCard Scholarship

To be eligible for this esteemed scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Apply for one of the eligible graduate programs listed, including proficiency in English.
  2. Be a citizen of an African country, committed to ethical leadership and community engagement.
  3. Age between 18 and 33 at the time of application.
  4. Demonstrate a track record of leadership and service.
  5. Exhibit academic excellence and ambition.
  6. Hold an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 4 years of study, earned by July 2024.
  7. Have not started or completed other graduate or master’s degrees before August 2024.
  8. Be able to reside in Phoenix, Arizona, for the duration of the program.
  9. Recommended to have a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and computer science.
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Duration and Rewards of the MasterCard Scholarship

Selected scholars will receive comprehensive support, including:

  1. Coverage for visa application processing, English language tests, and other exams.
  2. Airfare to and from Phoenix, Arizona.
  3. Full tuition, books, and fees.
  4. Housing accommodations.
  5. Participation in scholarship programming.

Available Courses for the MasterCard Scholarship

Scholarships are available for a range of full-time, on-campus graduate programs, including:

  • User Experience, MS
  • Graphic Information Technology, MS
  • Computer Science, MS
  • Information Technology, MS
  • Learning Sciences, MA
  • Digital Culture, MS
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in Business Analytics or Marketing

How to Apply for the MasterCard Scholarship

To kickstart your journey with the MasterCard Scholarship at ASU, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the scholarship application page by clicking the button below.
  2. Complete the online application form or download the form if internet access is limited.
  3. If successful, you will receive assistance in applying for admission to Arizona State University.
  4. Interviews will be conducted in summer 2024, with final decisions made by late May 2024.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to pursue your academic and professional aspirations at one of the leading universities in the United States. Apply now and join us in Phoenix, Arizona, for an enriching educational experience!

MasterCard Scholarship 2024 at Arizona State University

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  1. No estoy de acuerdo con el criterio de selección. Creo que el compromiso con la comunidad debería ser un factor más importante que la necesidad financiera.

  2. Wow, hasta me da vergüenza pedir esta beca. Debe ser para genios absolutos, porque yo sólo soy un simple mortal.

  3. ¡Increíble! Esta beca es una gran oportunidad para estudiantes de países en desarrollo. Me pregunto qué tipo de programas de apoyo ofrece la universidad a los beneficiarios de estas becas.

  4. Para los que preguntan sobre el apoyo adicional, la universidad ofrece tutoría, asesoramiento y oportunidades de liderazgo a los becarios de la MasterCard Scholarship.

  5. ¡Ja! ¿Sólo 1.000 becas para más de 10.000 solicitantes? Suena como una lotería en la que las probabilidades están en tu contra.

  6. Claro, una beca para estudiantes de países en desarrollo. Como si realmente tuvieran la oportunidad de marcar la diferencia en sus comunidades.

  7. Esta beca parece ser una gran oportunidad para estudiantes de países en desarrollo. Es importante que los estudiantes aprovechen estas oportunidades para mejorar sus vidas y las de sus comunidades.

  8. ¡Qué oportunidad tan increíble para estos estudiantes! Estoy muy contenta de que programas como éste existan para ayudar a personas de todo el mundo a alcanzar su potencial.

  9. ¿Qué pasa si eres de un país en desarrollo, pero no eres académicamente talentoso? ¿Te dan una beca para que te quedes en casa y veas la tele?

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