Geneva Graduate Institute Call for Applied Research Projects Partners 2024-25

Geneva Graduate Institute Call for Applied Research Projects Partners 2024-25

Geneva Graduate Institute Call for Applied Research Projects Partners 2024-25. The Geneva Graduate Institute has announced a request for Applied Research Projects (ARPs) in partnership with various organizations for the years 2024-2025.

Due Date: 31st July 2024

The invitation for Applied Research Projects (ARPs) Partners for the years 2024-2025 is currently available. Each year, the Geneva Graduate Institute requests policy and practice partners to submit proposals for a team of first-year Masters students to carry out Applied Research Projects (ARPs) on their behalf. These ARPs involve small groups of students collaborating to conduct relevant research on topics related to international development and international relations in partnership with organizations.


The MINT program relies on Applied Research Projects (ARPs) as a fundamental element. These projects involve collaboration between small groups of students to carry out research that is relevant to policy, in partnership with organizations dealing with topics related to global development and international affairs.

By participating in ARPs, students gain knowledge and utilize their analytical and research abilities to address real-world and significant matters in the fields of international relations and development. They are responsible for their own work and conduct themselves with professionalism while being guided by a team of faculty members from the Graduate Institute.

During the duration of the ARP, it is anticipated that students will be required to:

  • Develop comprehensive Terms of Reference for the project and formulate suitable research inquiries.
  • Perform extensive literature reviews and devise appropriate research approaches.
  • Carry out unique research.
  • Examine primary data.
  • Compose analytical provisional and final reports.
  • Deliver the ultimate research results.

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The ARP process strives to educate students on essential skills such as teamwork, collaboration, professionalism, effective communication, and problem-solving.


Organizations focused on addressing global issues have the opportunity to submit applications to sponsor an ARP (Action Research Project). Partner organizations are required to offer guidance and assistance to students in conducting research that is both relevant to policy and practical in nature.

The following text has been modified to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while maintaining the same structure, context, and meaning. Please note that the markdown formatting has been preserved.

The following text has been rephrased to eliminate any possibility of plagiarism without altering its original meaning. Please ensure that the markdown formatting is maintained.

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The application process for becoming an ARP Partner Organisation is highly competitive. Those who are selected show a strong dedication to assisting students throughout the project duration, which includes offering technical knowledge, aiding in their professional development, and facilitating connections with other renowned specialists in the relevant practice area.

Organisations that are part of the ARP partnership are required to:

  • Give an overview of the research project;
  • Engage in around 4 meetings with students throughout the project duration;
  • Offer input and approve students’ submissions, such as the Terms of Reference, Literature Review and Methodology, and the Preliminary and Final Reports;
  • Be present at the final presentation.

Partnership applications are currently being accepted on an ongoing basis. The deadline for final partnership applications is July 31, 2024. It is important for applicants to note that the competition for becoming a partner organization is fierce due to the large number of excellent proposals.

Geneva Graduate Institute Call for Applied Research Projects Partners 2024-25

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