British Council Grants 2024 for UK

British Council Grants 2024 for UK, International Biennales and Festivals (up to £5,000)

British Council Grants 2024 for UK. Are you organizing a biennale or festival eager to showcase cutting-edge designs from around the globe? Look no further than the British Council Grants 2024 for UK & International Biennales and Festivals.

This prestigious opportunity, spearheaded by the British Council’s Architecture, Design, and Fashion team, has been a beacon of support for architects and designers, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and innovation since 2016.

What’s New in 2024?

In the latest cycle, grants of up to £5,000 are up for grabs, empowering organizers to bring international flair to UK events and vice versa. With a focus on fostering collaboration and facilitating exchange, these grants are not just about showcasing talent, but about building bridges between creative communities worldwide.

British Council Grants

Grant Details

The British Council’s Architecture, Design, and Fashion team will offer grants directly to biennale and festival organizers, covering various costs associated with the participation of architects or designers. Each grant can reach up to £5,000, with an estimated 8-10 grants set to be awarded in the Financial Year 2024-25.

Eligibility Criteria

Biennales and festivals outside the UK aiming to spotlight the works of UK-based designers, or UK-based events keen on featuring international design talent, are eligible to apply. While these grants aren’t geared towards research and development, they can fuel activities such as collaborations, exchanges, exhibitions, and installations. Priority will be given to projects that:

  • ODA
  • Take place in Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries or involve designers based in these countries.
  • Involve designers in the early stages of their career, within 10 years of practice.
  • Foster collaboration between UK-based and international designers.
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Application Process

Ready to elevate your biennale or festival to new heights? Here’s how:

  1. Supply detailed information on the selected designers, funding expenditure, and plans for audience engagement.
  2. Complete the online application form by 23.59 BST, 23 June 2024. Ensure your submission includes:
    • Supporting documentation on the activity and your event.
    • Examples of the designers’ work.
    • Letter of support from participating designers.
    • Completed diversity monitoring form (for UK applicants).

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enrich your event with diverse perspectives and groundbreaking designs. Apply now and let the British Council Grants 2024 be the catalyst for your biennale or festival’s success!

British Council Grants 2024 for UK, International Biennales and Festivals (up to £5,000)

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